Guardians Of The Polyhedral Dice

The Adventure So Far
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The group, consisting of Talon the rogue, Andalar the warrior, Trymaranth the Magnificiant, Jack the dwarven priest and Volund the dragonborn paladin of Bahumat, heads to the small town of Winterhaven to investigate rumours of increased bandit activity. they are waylaid on teh way by some kobold bandits, but easily defeat them.

Arriving at the town, they make their way to the local inn, meeting an old sage “Valthrun”, the local lord “Padraig”, and a mysterious huntress “Ninaran”. The sage tells them he knows about the history of the area, and lets them know of an old abandoned fort in the area. The Lord asks them to clear the bandit menace for 100 gold. Trymaranth also received a note asking him to look for a scholor by the name of Douvian Stoule, who was last seen in the area looking for dragons nests. Volund recieves a note from his high preist saying that there had been rumours of a death cult arising the area, and could he look into it.

The party decided to head straight to the keep, believing it to contain the kobold bandits, and their leader Iron tooth. Heading into the first room, Jack? fell into a disguised pit, while some goblin archers fired at the party. Defeating the goblins with a particuarly impressive thunderwave spell, they looked around the area, finding some more golbins, and a secret door. They traveled through the secret corridor, and came out in the goblins bosses room, while he was asleep. The rogue sneakily killed the goblin chief in the room, and then the party fought off his guards who rushed in to see what was going on. Breaking into the goblins chest they found a magic wand, and some other miscallaneous treasures. They then headed into the goblin jail, where they fought and killed the jailors, and found a small runty goblin, “Splug”, whom they freed in return for the password to the lower levels.

At this point they headed back to town, and were ambushed again by kobold bandits, clearly the bandit activity was increasing. They shopped around town for a bit, and Volund seemed convinced that the local church was a hidden death cult, so watched it all night. In the morning, they headed out to the location of the bandit camp, as pointed out by Ninaran. Arriving there they found a large force of kobolds, whom they methodically butchered, and they made their way into the bandits cave, hwere the fought and defeated the bandit leader Irontooth. Searching his stuff they found a magical suit of chainmail, and some other treasures. They then headed back, and hearing rumours of a dragons nest nearby, they went to see if they could find Douvian Stoule. they discovered a gnome pretending to be Douvian, whom they promptly killed, finding Douvian tied up nearby. they rescued Douvian, and took his magical amulet. The party also discovered at this point that there was a note, somoene called Kalarel was leading a cult of Orcus, and had sent the gnome out to search for magical items needed to power a dark ritual.

They headed back to town, and the old scholar, Valthrun, was able to tell them he had researched the local keep. it used to be the home of a group of paladins dedicated to bahumat, who claimed they were guarding something. One night, the leader of the group of paladins went mad, killing his wife and family, and all of the guards in the keep he could find. he then fled into the catacombs beneath the keep, and the remainder of the paladin order sealed up the keep and left. Valthrun said that he feared that the keep was built ontop of a rift to the Shadowfell, the dark realm of the undead god Orcus.

The players journeyed back into the keep, and avoiding the pit this time, they entered the catacombs, finding mysterious sigils on the floor. Accidently triggering one, htey discovered it let out a terrifying scream, and the person who stood on it ran in fear towards a set of flesh eating zombies and skeletons. The party destroyed the zombies and skeletons, and found themselves entering the crypt, where there were two rows of sarcophagi. As they explored the room, the sarcophagi sprang open, revealing skeletons animated by a fell power. Defeating the skeletons seemed not to help much, as more sprang out to join hteir fallen foes, but Jack disvoered an alter to Bahumat, and decided to kneel and pray. at this prayer, the room lit up, and the skeletons returned to their sarcopagi. At this point, Cutter the warforged and Ember the Warlock entered the dungeon, and following the trail of bodies met up with the party and decided to continue on together for safety. The party entered the master crypt, and seeing only a bier, in which they could detect something magical, started to plunder the tomb. The Ghost of the paladin leader rose up and questioned their purpose. Asking them to ensure the rift was not opened it gifted Andalar with it’s magical longsword, and went to it’s rest.

The party made their way back past the magical sigils and found the stairs down to the next level. Bluffing their way past the guards, with the correct password, they entered a large room with a number of large statues. the main statue appeared to spin and attack anything that got close, whereas two dragon shaped statues breathed magical fire at anything that got to close to them. Near the exit were four statues of cherubs holding vases, which once Cutter entered, created a magical forcefield around the cherubs, and started to fill the forcefield with water.


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