Caelich – Queen of Hags, The Veiled Hag


Caelich is a divine hag, who’s dominion is that of disease, pestilence and decay. She hates natural beauty, particularly that of the fey such as eladrin. It is rumoured that she unleashed the curse of lycanthropy upon the world as revenge for a slight from Eoster, corrupting the purity of the forest beasts. It is said that even within the hearts of good shifters there lies the slow poison of Caelich’s venomous brew. Rats are said to be the eyes of Caelich.


Caelich is worshipped by evil shifters and lycanthropes, ghouls, hags, dark fey and humans who despise beauty. It is said that the some of the whores of Medea are vessels for her pestilence, and she rewards them with a glamour to act as a veil so they can spread her blessing amongst the realm of men.



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