Cutter Journal


The fight continues.

My companion Ember and myself caught up with another squad inside the keep, explains the trail of bodies. Strength in numbers, an alliance seems prudent.

Waging onwards, we got intel and a sword from a bodyless paladin. Current goal seems to be related to a rift in this location, to ensure it does not open.

Armed with intel from a prisoner of war, we passed as mercenaries to avoid unnecessary combat, the goal has to be on the mission…

The next chamber was massive, in the centre was a warrior statue, with two dragon statues on the far wall. I tested the path, the statue swept it’s sword at me alerting us to the trap. We manouvered around it. The entrance was oddly lined with statues, containing water vases. I entered triggering another trap, forcefields sprung up and water started to fill. Not needing to breathe I started to try to attack the statues. The party worked together using arcane knowledge and trap skills to disarm the closest statues, although Trymaranth took a hit of dragons breath from the dragon statue.

Eventually we disabled the statues causing a rush of water sweeping Jack and Andalara back into the path of the sword swinging statue. We managed to push on eventually Andalara toppled the last statue and we took a short rest before forging onwards to the next room.

Our passage was hindered by undead warriors, aided by some flying thing which managed to daze and confuse the party. Trymaranth in particular was affected – possibly due to closer ties with the arcane. I pushed forward the advance past the weaker foes to try and assault this flying creature, but it caught me in it’s spell and I was tricked into destroying a zombie rather than it. The zombie hoards fell under the power of Jack’s god and the combined attacks of the team. The flying creature fled through down some steps and we pursued

Pushing on deeper we entered some sort of ritual chamber, I spotted a priest chanting at the far end. My training kicked in – before my companions had time to react – and I ran full pelt across the chamber, dodging a giant pit, a sudden burst of energy from within and I carried myself square in front of him. I drew up in front of him, glared him in the eye and swung my sword…

Cutter Journal

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