Ghazberg – The Lord of the Frozen South


Ghazberg is one of the early godlings who played with the world when it was young. He used his icy breath to lay waste to many of the areas of the world, bringing glaciers down from the poles to run rampage over every country. When the younger gods decided to remake the world, and settle the modern races here, they drove the glaciers back to the frigid north and the frozen south. Ghazberg was driven back with the glaciers, but desires nothing more than to set them loose again.


There are not many human worshipers of Ghazberg. The settlers who live in the frozen south often pay homage to him in order to appease his icy temper, but his main worhsippers are restricted to the white dragons and frost giants of the frozen south. There have been occasional cults of Ghazberg pop up every now and then, but they are fairly rare.


+2 Endurance Skill Checks Frija language


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