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Guardians of the Polyhedral Dice

Welcome to the wiki of the Guardians.

You can keep notes here quite happily, and the GM will attempt to update the public sections with information you know, but it is your own responsibility to attempt to keep this wiki up to date.


You are trapped on the far side of the world. You are currently in the City state of Medea, know mostly for the Pirates of Medea. To the west is the sea. To the South is the frigid wasts of Kundra, and to the north is the mountains of Kernath. East of Medea, and technically owning the land that Medea lies on is Orden home to the High Mages of Orden.

Medea Orden


Over here, your traditional gods are not as well known, there are a number of Gods and Demonic entities that are worshipped by various groups. Help filling this in will earn you 2 +1 bonus to any roll tokens. The Gods named as Unknown are there as a example, feel free to change their Spheres, especially the evil gods.

Name Alignment Sphere
Eoster Good Fertility
Unknown God Good Trade
Unknown God Good Light
Unknown God Neutral Wanderlust, Journeys
Raven Queen Neutral Death and Rebirth
Unknown God Neutral Magic
Orcus Evil Undead
Ghazberg Evil The Frozen South
Caelich Evil Disease and Pestilence
Unknown God Evil The Slime God?

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