“Arrrr, me hearties, welcome to Medea. Now give me anything you have of value before I stick this cutlass where the suns don’t shine.”—traditional Medean greeting to foreigners.

Medea is a town built on naval trade. It is nominally run by a council of Master Tradesmen, who can generally only be distinguished from the various other pirate factions in the town by their rather pitiful attempts to adopt the etiquette of nobility.

Medea has a reputation as a place where those who would normally be barred from success by social status can make a name for themselves. There is some truth to this, though most who try their luck return home soon enough minus any valuables started off with.

The various piratical factions are constantly engaged in internecine intrigues and conflict. Recently the slave trade has proved a particular bone of contention, as whilst it’s highly profitable, some pirate factions are largely made up of ex-slaves. Despite this constant tension Medeans are fiercely independent and will rapidly unite to fend off any incursions by the military of Orden.


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