Orden is technically rules by General Andelosia, but High Mage Tellamon probably has as much influence with the government. General Andelosia runs the army, and High Mage Tellamon is the leader of the Ordenic Order.


The people of orden are just as religious as everyone else, with temples to the various gods existing in many towns and cities. The mages of orden tend to worship the God of Magic, but worshippers of all gods can be found within the Ordenic Order.

Primary Exports

Trade Goods, Magical Items, Foodstuffs

Dwellings of note

The capital city of Orden is Orden(population 50,000), where the Ordenic Order has it’s primary institute, the Ordenic University. The Orde High Command is also in Orden. There are a few other towns in Orden that reach nearly 10,000 but mostly it’s villages of under 2,000 n.b. Put more here!


Orden is run by the army, which keeps control, and keeps the peace. Many of the villages to the west were originally in Medea, but Ordens expansion has placed them in the Ordenic empire, something that they are not all happy about.

Law and Order

The army runs the law within Orden, with the mages having their own justice system. Mages who commit crimes are reported to the Ordenic Order, and are judged by a council of hteir peers. Unlicensed magic is forbidden, and all visiting mages are required to notify the Ordenic Order as soon as they enter the state. The border between Medea and Orden is fuzzy,but well patrolled by the army, who has checkpoints to tax and check all trade goods coming in and out of Medea.

Other notes

within the army, the rank systems is
Rank Notes
Private General rank and file
Corporal Supervises a squad of 5
Sergeant Supervises 3 squads (a Fist), Highesta NCO can rise
Captain Supervises 5 fists ( a Battalion )
Major Tactical planning
General The leader of the army
Within the Ordenic Order the rank system is
Rank Notes
Apprentice Required starting point, unlicensed for unsupervised magic, students at university
Mage A graduate, or visiting magic user. Robe with Green trim
Magister A graduate with military magic experience, Robe with Yellow trim
Arcanist A graduate, choosing to study further, Robe with Red trim
Master Mage Limited number, oversees research or military mages, Robe with Blue trim
High Mage Limited number, each with a special “School”, and 1 high mage in charge, Robe with Purple trim


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